September 2016 Newsletter

August 2016 Newsletter


September 2016 Calendar

August 2016 Calendar



First Evangelical Lutheran Church and School
925 13th St. East, Glencoe, Minnesota 55336

CHURCH OFFICE: 320-864-5522
Pastor Daniel Welch: 320-864-2753
Pastor Ronald Mathison: 320-864-5616
SCHOOL OFFICE: 320-864-3317
Principal Dean Scheele: 952-250-1149
COMMON CUP: 320-864-5511
PRAYER CHAIN: 320-864-3892 or 320-238-2148

Nineteenth Sunday After Pentecost
September 25, 2016

ORDER OF SERVICE: Setting 4 Page 203
HYMNS: 8 AM: 850, 946, 708, 831, 923 v. 3
        10:30 AM: 850 v. 1, 4, 946, 708 v. 1, 3, (dist. 831, 798, 643), 923 v. 3
SERMON: “It’s Time To Listen” Luke 16:19-31 Pastor Dan Welch
    Old Testament – Amos 6:1-7
    Epistle Lesson – 1 Timothy 6:6-19
   Gospel Lesson – Luke 16:19-31
ORGANIST: Mr. Luke Dahl
DEACONS: 8 AM: Todd Trippel, Lee Terlinden
              10:30 AM: Scott Litzau, Kevin Dummer, James Mathews
ACOLYTES: 8:00 AM: Kobe Boozikee, Lincoln Dummer
                    10:30 AM: Austin Exsted, Blake Mickolichek
SPECIAL MUSIC: Sunday School Singers: Gr. 3-8 “Christ Be Leader”, PreK-Gr. 2 “Alleluia! Praise Ye The Lord”
“Sharing Christ, Changing Lives”
VISITORS: WELCOME TO First Ev. Lutheran Church. Please fill out a Welcome card found in the cardholder slots in your pew. Tear off the top portion to keep and place the bottom portion in the offering plate. Members, please use these cards only to notify the Church Office of any changes or needs.
COMMUNION SIGN-UP BINDERS IN THE PEWS: Please sign up for communion only in the blue binders. If you have any questions, please contact a Deacon.
SUNDAY SCHOOL - PARENTS & 2 year olds meet at 9:15 AM in the lower level classroom.
--CHILDREN’S SUNDAY SCHOOL (ages 4-grade 8) meets in the Fellowship Center at 9:15 AM.
--YOUTH SUNDAY SCHOOL (Gr. 9 – College) will meet at the school gym at 9:15 AM.
Sept. 25 – Youth Board/Christian Ed. Board – in honor of DCE
Oct. 2 – Stewardship Board
Oct. 9 – Available
Oct. 16 – Youth Board
There are still dates open to serve. If you are interested in serving fellowship time, contact the church office.
LUTHERAN HOUR KDUZ Sponsorships are needed for October and forward. Cost is $94.00 contact Chuck Jensen for openings, 864-3579.
TIME WITH ME (activity group for 2, 3, & 4 year olds): our first session is Wed. Sept. 28 from 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM in the Fellowship Center. This year’s theme is “We Belong to God’s Family”. Come play with boats in water, sing, and hear about the care of Noah’s family. Contact is Linda Donnay 864-4159.
--Gene Falling, Mary Husberg, Kathy Becker, Melvin Ahlbrecht
--Ray Lang, brother of Randy and Peggy
--Jonathan Rose & Janessa Ide, who will be married here next week.
--THE FLOWERS are placed in honor of Randy & Verona Bussler’s 40th wedding anniversary today!
Blessed are those who die in the Lord
--the family of Virgil Brickzen (father of Bill), who has passed away.
--the family of David Randt, whose funeral was here on Sat. Flowers are placed in his memory.
TODAY’S RADIO BROADCAST is sponsored by Esther Michaletz, in memory of Harold Michaletz.
JOIN US TODAY for Adult Bible Study, led by Pastor Welch, in the Fellowship Center: from 9:15–10:15. The Adult Bible Study group will be studying the book of the Bible:  Revelation: A Testament of Hope which is an 8-week study with 20-minute DVD presentation each Sunday followed by small and large group discussion. Today is Session 3 “The Seals – Christ’s People Preserved” (Rev. 6:1-8:1)
--Sun. Oct. 2: Session 4 “The Trumpets – Christ’s People Witness” (Rev. 8:11)
PLEASE JOIN US On TODAY at the 10:30 AM service for the Installation of our Director of Christian Education, Tori Kidd.
AND THEN FOLLOWING the service there will be a POTLUCK in Tori’s honor. Please bring a dish to share for the potluck and join us for a special reception.
SHARING IN GARDEN BOUNTY – Do you have excess garden produce you’d like to share with others in our congregation? Simply drop/pick up at the table in the south entrance before or after Sunday services to participate in giving/receiving! Any leftovers will be donated to the MEFS on Mon. morning. For questions or to help, call Cindy at 238-2148.
VOTERS’ ASSEMBLY MEETING is Mon, Sept. 26, at 7 PM. Agenda topics include: Approval of Salary Review Committee’s recommendation regarding full-time employee benefits, as approved by Church Council; presentation of the Slate of Candidates for Church Officers (and floor nominations); presentation of the slate of appointees (and floor nominations) for the 2017 Board Positions; and presentation of 2015-2016 Annual Report. All communicant members age 18 & older are invited to attend. --Agendas are available to pick up on the entrance stands.
MEN, JOIN US on Tues. Sept. 27, at First Lutheran from 7-8 pm for the Men’s Network video topic:  A Man Named Martin - Part 2, which examines the errant teachings and wayward traditions of the Late Medieval Church that eventually sparked the Protestant Reformation.
NEW MEMBER CLASS LISTS have been created and phone calls will be made within the next few weeks. The options for class dates are as follows:
--Tues, Oct. 4 – Nov. 8 morning classes, with tentative new member recognition Sun. Nov. 13 at the 10:30 AM service.
--Mon, Jan. 9 – Feb. 13 evening classes with a tentative new member recognition Sun. Feb. 19 at the 10:30 AM service.
--If interested, and have not received a call by the end of Sept, please contact the Church Office at 320.864.5522.
LWML will meet Mon. Oct. 3, at 7:00 PM. There will be a presentation from DCE Tori Kidd. All guests are welcome.
FALL HAYRIDE & BONFIRE! Sat, Oct. 1, at 6 PM (hayride—be prompt!) & 7 PM (hot dogs) – at Robert & Gina Schuft family farm, 44612 180th Street, Arlington, (SOUTH on Hennepin Ave/Cty Rd 2 for 6.5 miles. Take a RIGHT on Cty Rd 15/180th St by electrical substation. 2nd place on RIGHT.
--Call or email the Church Office, 864-5522 to register with how many coming. Sponsored by your Board of Evangelism
THE NONPUBLIC SCHOOL MARATHON is Fri. Oct. 7. As the major incentive this year, if students raise over $5,500, the school will host a pizza and pool party for all students and their families! Everyone from FLC, FLS, and the greater Glencoe community is invited to join us as we raise funds and walk from FLS to Oak Leaf Park.
“COMMON CUP BACK PACK FOOD PROGRAM” is in need of supplies. “First” has been chosen to help supply the 2 oz. individual “MAC N’ CHEESE”  cups that will go into the pack sacks for needy children in Glencoe Schools Gr. K – 3. Fifty food sacks are sent home per week. Donations can be dropped off in the box by the furniture in the main south entrance. Monetary donations can be dropped off in the Church Office.
WARM COATS for McLeod County 2016: There will be a collection box in the south entrance area to collect good used coats from NOW thru Sun. Oct. 9. Distribution will be Thurs. Oct. 20 from 9 AM – 12 PM at the McLeod County Fairgrounds.
THE FIRST EDITION BOOK CLUB is reading “A Time to Embrace”, by Karen Kingsbury. A discussion meeting will be held on Tues. Oct. 25, at 7:00 PM at Kathy Strobel’s home.
FLAME BOOSTERS CLUB is in need of volunteers for various things. Please help this organization support FLS.
THANK YOU THRIVENT MEMBERS! In August, our school and church received $ 858 Thrivent Choice Dollars!
FISCAL YEAR:  Jul 1, 2016 – Sept 24, 2016   (12 of 52 wks)
General Fund (only) Receipts:                            $238,889.74
General Fund (only) Expenses:                          _247,111.80
Abundance or (Shortfall) to Date:                       ($8,222.06)
DEBT REDUCTION Receipts: Jul. 1, 2016 – Sept 24, 2016
     Total Receipts to Date:        $6,561.50
                                                   (with all bills paid)          
ATTENDANCE: For the Period of:  Sept. 11 to Sept. 24, 2016
                  In Worship    Communed     Visitors    Classes
Sunday            424                 161                  3            100
ANGEL SEEDS:  the months of July, August & September has been designated to “Common Cup Ministries”. 
Sunday’s 8:00 & 10:30 AM   Wednesday’s 6:30 PM
                                                  Fridays 5:30 PM
2017 RADIO BROADCASTS are still available. The cost to sponsor the broadcast for one month is $180. We also offer ½ sponsorship options for $90. Please contact Sue in the Church Office if interested. Months available are: March – Oct., Live Radio Broadcast for Thanksgiving and December.
STEWARDSHIP – Love of money can be ruinous! It is the struggle in the heart as to who we really serve and depend on - money or He who gives the money.
EARLY CHILDHOOD COMMITTEE UPDATE: In July, there was a meeting with Stephanie S., Roger G., and Amy W. regarding the financing issues of the business plan for the proposed First Lutheran Early Childhood Center. There are some financing figures which need to be more precisely narrowed down and at this time; this is where our work as a committee lies. For example, we need to make decisions regarding the cost of health care plans, retirement plans, snowplowing, internet charges, and bank charges.
--Due to some personal family and occupational changes, this work had been temporarily delayed, and I ask that you please accept my apologies. Work on this portion of the plan is now commencing. If you wish to assist and / or be a member of the Early Childhood Licensing Committee, please feel free to contact me. Blessings in Christ! Saved to Serve, Amy Welch
MANY, MANY thanks from the Common Cup Ministry for the school supply donations. We served 400 plus children. There were many smiling, happy faces returning to school with necessary items. God’s Blessings to all.
This Week at First Lutheran
Sun. Sept. 25 Worship, 8:00 AM
                       Fellowship Time: Youth Board/Christian Ed. Bd.
                       Sunday School Bible Classes, 9:15 AM
                       KDUZ Radio Broadcast, 9:30 AM
                       Worship, DCE Installation, Comn., 10:30 AM
                       Potluck in honor of Tori (DCE), 11:45 AM
Mon. Sept. 26 Voters’ Assembly Meeting, 7:00 PM
Tues. Sept. 27 Bible Study, 9:30 AM
                       Common Cup Diaper Dist./City Center, 11 AM
                       Office Staff Meeting, 1:00 PM
                       Flame Boosters, 7:00 PM
                       The Men’s Network, 7:00 PM
Wed. Sept. 28 Christ Chimes, 3:15 PM
                       Public School Confirmation, 3:30 PM – 4:45 PM
                       Gospel Ringers, 6:00 PM
                       Senior Choir, 6:15 PM
                       Time With Me Club/FLC, 6:30 PM
Thur. Sept. 29 FLS Chapel – Ted Stroming, 8:10 AM
Sat. Oct. 1       Rose/Ide Wedding, 3:00 PM
Sun. Oct. 2    Worship, Comn., 8:00 AM
                       Fellowship Time: Stewardship Board, 9 AM
                       Sunday School Bible Classes, 9:15 AM
                       Worship, 10:30 AM
Communion Policy
 We believe that the Lord’s Supper is a Sacrament in which Christ’s body and blood are given in and with the bread and wine for the forgiveness of sins (Matt. 26:26-28). When we receive Holy Communion at a church, we show that we agree with the faith that is taught there (1 Cor. 10:14-18).
St. Paul cautions us about receiving the body and blood of Christ in an unworthy manner (1 Cor. 11:27-29). Therefore, we invite to Holy Communion those who have received instruction in the teachings of the Lutheran Church and who agree with the confession of faith as taught in the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod. If you are not a member of a LCMS church, we kindly ask that you speak to one of the pastors first.