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Sunday Notes 8-17-2014

First Evangelical Lutheran Church and School
925 13th St. East, Glencoe, Minnesota 55336
            CHURCH OFFICE: 320-864-5522                                    SCHOOL OFFICE: 320-864-3317
            Pastor Daniel Welch: 320-864-2753            Principal Dean Scheele: 952-250-1149
            Pastor Ronald Mathison: 320-864-5616  
        WEBSITE:    COMMON CUP: 320-864-5511       E-MAIL:    PRAYER CHAIN: 320-864-3892 or
Tenth Sunday After Pentecost
August 17, 2014
ORDER OF SERVICE: Setting 4 Page 203
HYMNS: 8:00 AM  935, 615, 571, (dist. 779, 617, 627), 831
                  10:30 AM 605, 615, 571, 831
SERMON: “Who Are You?”
                                Matthew 15:21-28   Pastor Dan Welch
ORGANIST:                  Mr. Luke Dahl
DEACONS:                  8 AM: Dave Randt, Lee Terlinden, Shelby Roe
                  10:30 AM: Arnie Alsleben, Kevin Dummer
                  (Wed.) 7:00 PM: Dennis Wolter, Arnie Alsleben
ACOLYTES:                  8 AM: Dusty Wendinger, Ty Christensen
                  10:30 AM: Jackson Lemke, Jesse Mackenthun
                  (Wed.) 7:00 PM: Peyton Proehl, Jacob Schuetz
                  Old Testament – Isaiah 56:1, 6-8
                  Epistle – Romans 11:1-2a, 13-15, 28-32
   Gospel Lesson – Matthew 15:21-28
“Sharing Christ, Changing Lives”
GUESTS: Welcome! Please complete the friendship register as it is passed to you.
THERE WILL BE NO Fellowship Time today:
            Aug. 17 – Still Available
            Aug. 24 – Youth Board
            Aug. 31 – Board of Deacons
            Sept. 7 – Education Sunday – Day School Board
There are still dates open to serve. If you are interested in serving fellowship time, contact the church office.
CHURCH COUNCIL: your agendas will be emailed on Fri. Aug. 22.
EARLY CHILDHOOD COMMITTEE UPDATE:  Thank you for your prayers for the continued planning for the Early Childhood Center! We now have someone to help us with writing the business plan. Hopefully beginning in January, we will be able to start the Before / After School Care program. To do this, we are looking for one, possibly two, volunteers to be with the children before school starts and after. This has the real possibility of being a paid position once the program has begun. Please pray about it, and then contact a member of the committee. God's Blessings!
SCREEN SERVICE SUNDAYS: At the July 24th Council meeting it was discussed and agreed upon to begin using the screens in the Divine Service every Sunday rather than only on the second and fourth Sundays of the month. This will be our goal beginning today.
PRAYER REQUESTS: Known to be hospitalized: none
--For the family of Evonne Mueller, whose funeral was here on Thurs. Blessed are those who die in the Lord. Flowers are placed in her memory.
--For Elsie Joy Schauer, daughter of Kevin & Kristen, who will be baptized at the 10:30 AM service.
PLEASE JOIN US for Sunday Morning Bible Class today in the Fellowship Center led by Pastor Welch from 9:15 – 10:15 AM. Please join us and together we will mine the riches of the Sunday morning Bible readings while we encourage class discussion and personal application.
CONFIRMATION PARENTS: An information letter will be mailed out with a meeting date and time by the middle of August. Please watch for this letter and mark your calendars. This includes all Public School Grades 5-8 and FLS Grades 7-8. If you do not receive a letter and think you should have, contact Sue at the Church Office 864-5522.
CHILD CARE SURVEY: The First Lutheran Early Childhood Education Committee is looking to start a Faith-based Before/After School care program in Jan. 2015, with the option of a Summer program and Child Care program in the future. Please take a few minutes to fill out the yellow ½ sheet survey pertaining to Child Care needs found on each of the entrance stands. Return it to the Church Office c/o Early Childhood Education Committee. The survey is also available online at We would appreciate your feedback.
FINANCIALS: For the week of: Aug. 10 – Aug. 16
General  Fund & Debt Reduction Receipts $11,882.75
Weekly Budgetary Needs for 2014-15         $17,177.00
Weekly Abundance or (Shortfall)            ($5,294.25)
2014-15 Year- To-Date Totals for:  Aug. 10 – Aug. 16
Receipts = $115,338.45              Budgetary Need - $120,239.00
PLEASE NOTE: the above “Budgetary Need” is our budget, not what is actually spent. This reports a shortfall of our budgetary needs not our indebtedness.
ATTENDANCE: for the week of: Aug. 10 – Aug. 16
                     In Worship              Communed                Visitors              Classes
Sunday            351            110            10            50
Wednesday            36            25            
EDUCATION SUNDAY is Sunday, September 7, the resuming of First Lutheran’s many educational programs will be celebrated. The 10:30 AM service will include an order of dedication of all teachers to their educational ministries. Special recognition will be given to Bill Husberg (45) years teaching ministry and the Installation of Dean Scheele and Katie Nord as a Called Teacher.
--PLEASE JOIN us for a welcome pot luck meal for Dean Scheele and his family following the 10:30AM service.
THE MEN’S MONDAY NIGHT BIBLE Study resumes on September 8 from 7-8 pm with the topic What is Islam? (Part One). All men are invited to better understand and grow in faith that we may share the light of Christ to Muslims when we have the opportunity.
THE COMMON Cup Diaper Distribution will be held here, in the lower level Common Cup area, on Tues. Aug. 26 from 11:00 – 12:30 PM.
DO YOU…like making a positive difference…Are you…willing to take a $1 and turn it into something much more meaningful for those in need? Are you…a Thrivent member or interested in becoming one? If yes, you’re the perfect candidate to join the McLeod Chapter Leadership Board. You can help our members help others by providing funding and support for their chapter activities. To find out more about our McLeod Thrivent chapter programs and how to be involved in a rewarding opportunity, please contact:  Cindy at 612-205-7575 or
Thurs. Aug. 21 ~ K-8 Registration Day ~ 3-5 PM & 7-8 PM
Mon. Aug. 25 ~ Pre 4 Open House & Registration ~ 6:30 PM
Tues. Aug. 26 ~ Pre 3 Open House & Registration ~ 6:30 PM
Thurs. Aug. 28 ~ Supplies Drop-Off/Pictures ~ 4 PM – 6 PM
Tues. Sept. 2 ~ K-8 ~ Opening Chapel ~ 8:15 AM
Thurs. Sept. 11 ~ Parent Open House ~ 7:00 PM
FELLOWSHIP, COMPETITION AND GOOD FUN for all ages! Good Shepherd Church is challenging us to a Friendly Christian Competition. Softball and kickball on September 7th at 4:30 pm. Subway sandwiches, cookies, and juice etc. to follow. If interested in joining in the fun, please let me know by September 1st. We need an estimate for ordering sandwiches. or call the office at 864-5522. Come and join the fun. Debi Ramirez
ANGEL SEEDS: July – August will be supporting “Operation Christmas Child”.
WEDNESDAY EVENING WORSHIP has started and will continue thru Aug. 27 at 7:00 PM in the Fellowship Center. Please use south entrance doors only.
Sundays 8:00 & 10:30 AM            Wednesdays  6:30 PM
Wednesday 7:00 PM            Fridays 5:30 PM
THANK YOU AGAIN THRIVENT MEMBERS! This past month, we received $1,233 from the Thrivent Choice program ($539 for FLS and $694 for FLC) This brings our YTD total to over $17,000.
This Week at First Lutheran
Sun. Aug 17            Worship, Comn., 8:00 AM
            Fellowship Time, 9:00 AM
            Adult Bible Study, 9:15 AM
            Worship, 10:30 AM
            Youth Gr. 9-12 Snacks, 5:30 PM
            Youth Bible Study, 6:00 PM
            NYG Meeting, 7:00 PM
Mon. Aug 18            Christian Ed. Working Meeting, 7:00 PM
Tue. Aug 19            Bible Study,  9:30 AM
            Confirmation Instructor Meeting, 6:00 PM
            Day School Board, 7:00 PM
            Assimilation Committee, 7:00 PM
            Nominating Committee, 7:00 PM
Wed. Aug 20            Common Cup School Supply
                      Dist. FLS Gym, 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM
                        Worship, Comn., 7:00 PM
Thur. Aug 21            NEWSLETTER DEADLINE
            Common Cup School Supply
                      Dist. FLS Gym, 9:00 AM-11:00 AM
            FLS K-8 Registration Day, 3-5PM & 7-8 PM
            Technology Committee, 6:00 PM
            Christian Ed. Working Meeting, 6:00 PM
Sun. Aug 24            Worship, 8:00 AM
            Fellowship Time, 9:00 AM
            Adult Bible Study, 9:15 AM
            Worship, Comn., 10:30 AM
            Fish Boil, 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM
Stewardship Message
Giving sacrificially shows our willingness to rearrange our priorities. We may enjoy doing or having something, but we are willing to give to what we treasure the most, and that is Jesus. In order to give sacrificially, we may have to change our lifestyles. We may drive a less luxurious car or live in a smaller house. When we give sacrificially, we are willing to say “no” to things. Christians who love the Lord may not perceive that they are giving sacrificially, because they give naturally out of love for Him. And, in fact, if they do perceive it as such, pride has stolen the blessings that God would give.
Communion Policy
 We believe that the Lord’s Supper is a Sacrament in which Christ’s body and blood are given in and with the bread and wine for the forgiveness of sins (Matt. 26:26-28). When we receive Holy Communion at a church, we show that we agree with the faith that is taught there (1 Cor. 10:14-18).
St. Paul cautions us about receiving the body and blood of Christ in an unworthy manner (1 Cor. 11:27-29). Therefore, we invite to Holy Communion those who have received instruction in the teachings of the Lutheran Church and who agree with the confession of faith as taught in the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod. If you are not a member of a LCMS church, we kindly ask that you speak to one of the pastors first.
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