May 2016 Newsletter

April 2016 Newsletter


May 2016 Calendar

April 2016 Calendar




  • Late May to late August
  • Morning Hours 7 am to noon
  • Duties include: Cleaning, painting, minor repairs, floor care for church and school

Applications may be picked at the Church Office M-F, 8 a.m.-3:30 p.m., 925 13th St. E., Glencoe, 320-864-5522, or download and drop off.

First Evangelical Lutheran Church and School
925 13th St. East, Glencoe, Minnesota 55336

CHURCH OFFICE: 320-864-5522
Pastor Daniel Welch: 320-864-2753
Pastor Ronald Mathison: 320-864-5616
SCHOOL OFFICE: 320-864-3317
Principal Dean Scheele: 952-250-1149
COMMON CUP: 320-864-5511
PRAYER CHAIN: 320-864-3892 or 320-238-2148

Fifth Sunday of Easter
April 24, 2016

ORDER OF SERVICE: Setting 4 Page 203
HYMNS: 8 AM: 480, 706, 689, 837
        10:30 AM: 837, 706, 689, (dis. 637, 588, 722, 480, 842), 643
SERMON: “A New Commandment” John 31:31-35 Pastor Dan Welch
ORGANIST: Mr. Rick Grieger
DEACONS: 8:00 AM: Lee Terlinden, Scott Litzau
                  10:30 AM: Don Hepner, Arnie Alsleben, Robert Schuft
ACOLYTES: 8:00 AM: Lillian Krueger, Grace Litzau
              10:30 AM: Mason Dietel, Jordon Grack, Dylan Richards
            First Reading – Acts 11:1-18 (8 AM only)
            Epistle Lesson – Revelation 21:1-7
               Gospel Lesson – John 13:31-35
8:00 AM: Senior Choir “Seek Ye First”
“Sharing Christ, Changing Lives”
VISITORS: WELCOME TO First Ev. Lutheran Church. Please fill out a Welcome card found in the cardholder slots in your pew. Tear off the top portion to keep and place the bottom portion in the offering plate. Members, please use these cards only to notify the Church Office of any changes or needs.
COMMUNION SIGN-UP BINDERS IN THE PEWS: Please sign up for communion only in the blue binders. If you have any questions, please contact a Deacon.
FOR HOLY COMMUNION, Confirmands will go first as a class & the congregation will follow in a continuous line.
TO RECEIVE COMMUNION, hold your hand out for the bread. The glasses are plastic – handle carefully. Return them to the tray in the side aisle.
NON-ALCOHOLIC communion is available. Look for the lighter colored cups in the center of the wine tray. This is provided every Sunday for those who do not drink wine for health reasons.
WELCOME TO CONFIRMATION SUNDAY at First Lutheran Church! Please silence all cell phones and limit use of flash photography to before and after the service. Thank you.
--THE PROCESSIONAL CROSS is a reminder of Christ’s presence with us in worship. Please turn toward the cross during the processional at the beginning of the service and the recessional at the end. Once the cross has been brought out of the Sanctuary, please face the altar once again.
--FOLLOWING THE 10:30 AM SERVICE you are invited to greet the Confirmands who will be lined up in the South Narthex.
--CONFIRMATION CROSSES need to be picked up today after the 10:30 AM service. The crosses celebrate attendance at Sunday School through the years.
--CONFIRMATION FLOWERS: Confirmands, please pick up 2 carnations after the service from the Fellowship Center.
Communion Policy
 We believe that the Lord’s Supper is a Sacrament in which Christ’s body and blood are given in and with the bread and wine for the forgiveness of sins (Matt. 26:26-28). When we receive Holy Communion at a church, we show that we agree with the faith that is taught there (1 Cor. 10:14-18).
St. Paul cautions us about receiving the body and blood of Christ in an unworthy manner (1 Cor. 11:27-29). Therefore, we invite to Holy Communion those who have received instruction in the teachings of the Lutheran Church and who agree with the confession of faith as taught in the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod. If you are not a member of a LCMS church, we kindly ask that you speak to one of the pastors first.
PRAYER REQUESTS FOR: Known to be hospitalized: Donna Stepien
--Renae Jensen, Mary Husberg, Dave Randt, Derrick Drier, Marlys Barfknecht, Henry Becker, Kathy Becker
--The family of Sandra Bennett who passed away. Funeral arrangements are pending. Blessed are those who die in the Lord.
TODAY’S RADIO BROADCAST is sponsored by Lester & LaNaye Schauer, in celebration of their 45th wedding anniversary.
FLOWERS IN THE CHANCEL today are placed by the confirmation class.
JOIN US for Adult Bible Study, led by Pastor Welch, in the Fellowship Center today from 9:15–10:15. The topic is: Jesus Teaches Us to Pray – Luke 11:1-13; John 16:23-33. 
Sun. Apr. 24: The topic is: Jesus Raises Lazarus–John 11:1-45.
April 24 – Confirmation Sunday – FLS Teachers
May 1 – Senior Choir
There are still dates open to serve. If you are interested in serving fellowship time, contact the church office.
THANK YOU 7TH grade parents and students who donated bars and served refreshments at last Wednesday’s Confirmation Public Review.
--Thank you Amy Lemke for coordinating what was needed for refreshments and servers.
WATCH FOR UPCOMING emails for news on a very important survey starting May 2nd!
THANK YOU for supporting the FLS Popcorn Sales. We profited $2,789. That is popcorntastic!
MEN, JOIN US on Tuesday night, April 26 from 7-8 pm at The Men’s Network to discuss the Sixth Commandment. God created marriage to be the lifelong union of a husband and wife.
NYG PAPER DRIVE: Sat. Apr. 30 & May 7 from 9 AM – 3 PM, Sun. May 1 & 8 from 12 PM – 3 PM. *Located in the Alley on 13th St. between Judd & Knight Ave*
LWML will meet May 2, at 7 PM. All ladies of the congregation are invited to join us. We’ll be packing “Mercy Kits” for victims of natural disasters for Orphan Grain Train to distribute. Bring any or all of the following new items: bath towel, washcloth, soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, comb and 6 band-aids. See the flyer on the board in the Narthex & newsletter for more information.
STUDENT SCHOLARSHIPS for Mayer Lutheran High students are available. Pick up the application forms from the Church Office. They MUST be returned by May 13.
--TUITION AID APPLICATION for K-8 is available in the School Office along with a separate Preschool Financial Aid application form. Anyone and everyone is eligible for this aid which is based on Adjusted Gross Income. Turn in the first page of your tax form 1040 & Tuition Aid Application into the School Office. Thank you.
THIS REPORT IS -- Revised to Report General Fund Receipts and Expenses ONLY to Date
FISCAL YR TO DATE: Jul 1, 2015–April 22, 2016 (43 of 52 wks)
General Fund (only) Receipts To Date:              $904,031.71
General Fund (only) Expenses To Date:            $938,611.26
Abundance or (Shortfall) To Date:                      ($34,579.55)
DEBT REDUCTION Receipts To Date: Jul. 1, 2015–April 22, 2016
     Total Receipts To Date:        $40,189.85
SCHOOL HEATING FUND (Posted) BALANCE** to Date:  $  6,055.25    **Receipts less Expenses
ATTENDANCE: For the Period of:  April 17 – April 23
               In Worship     Communed     Visitors     Classes
Sunday       407                    161                 2               80           
ON BEHALF of Common Cup Ministry, we wish to thank First Lutheran Church/Staff for allowing, us to have office space-to serve those less fortunate. God bless you as you continue to be a blessing to others.
This Week at First Lutheran
Sun. April 24 Worship, 8:00 AM
            Fellowship Time – FLS Teachers, 9:00 AM
            Sunday Bible Classes, 9:15 AM
            KDUZ Radio Broadcast, 9:30 AM
            Worship, (Confirm. Comn.), 10:30 AM
            Pastor Mathison Chapel at Grand Meadows, 1:30 PM
Mon. Apr. 25 Screen Sub. Committee, 5:30 PM
            Flame Boosters, 7:00 PM
Tues. Apr. 26 Bible Study, 9:30 AM
            Common Cup Diaper Dist. City Center 11 AM – 12:30 PM 
            Office Staff Meeting, 1:00 PM
            Men’s Network, 7:00 PM
Wed. Apr. 27 Christ Chimes, 3:15 PM
            Confirmation Fun Day, 3:30 PM
            Gospel Ringers, 6:00 PM
            Senior Choir, 6:00PM
Thur. Apr. 28 FLS Chapel – Mr. Husberg, 8:10 AM
            Technology Committee, 7:00 PM
Sat. Apr. 30 NYG Paper Truck, 9 AM – 3 PM
Sun. May 1 Worship, Comn., 8:00 AM
            Fellowship Time – Senior Choir, 9:00 AM
            Sunday Bible Classes, 9:15 AM
            Worship, 10:30 AM
            NYG Paper Truck, 12 PM – 3 PM
            Pastor Mathison Chapel LTC, 11:00 AM
LUTHERAN HOUR MINISTRIES invites you to the 2016 MN South District Convention, Apr. 30, at St. Paul’s, Truman.
--Registration is at 1:30 PM. A Fish Boil will follow at 5:30 PM. The speaker is Dr. Phillip Johnson! Cost is $15 to MN South District – LHM.
LUTHERAN WITNESS SUBSCRIPTION: Have this magazine delivered to your door each month for $19.26 per year. Drop your payment off at the Church Office or put $19.26 in your offering envelope (separate check please) and note Lutheran Witness on the outside of the envelope no later than May 20th.
ANGEL SEEDS:  the months of April, May & June have been designated to “Families Moving Forward”. It is the emergency shelter that opens their doors nightly to provide shelter and nutritious meals and welcome hospitality to families during a difficult time in their lives.


Mikayla Kali Beneke
Ethan Daniel Bernstein
Hannah Kristine Boesche
Alexander Brian Cohrs
Joellen Marie Dammann
Maxwell Raymond Edwards
Cullen Michael Lukes
Katelyn Eve Ober
Courtney Janice Richer
Adam Henry Schauer
Ebony Shannon Schuch
Jacob David Schuch
Megan Marie Siewert
Addisyn Anessa Stuewe
Breana Kay Templin
Derek Todd Trippel
Dani Paige Tessmer
Michael Scott Waibel
Claire Amanda Witte

Quinn & Jolee Beneke
Daniel & Annette Bernstein
Bradley & Kristine Boesche
Jeremy & Terri Cohrs
Jon & Deborah Dammann
Nick & Becky Edwards
Colleen Ball
Randall & Debra Ober
Steve & Jodi Richer
Timothy & Dawn Schauer
Brian & Shannon Schuch
Joseph & Stacy Schuch
Jen Dahlke and Dave Siewert
Matthew & Natalie Stuewe
Jeffrey & Angela Templin
Todd & Cheryl Trippel
Wes & Keri Tessmer
Scott & Sara Waibel
Brian & Jeri Witte

On Your Confirmation
The angels all rejoice with you
This confirmation day
The Lord Himself will always hear
Each time you bow to pray
The Bible says He’s chosen you
To be His very own.
And He will always be with you
You’ll never walk alone
His love is deeper than the sea
And higher than the sky.
He tells the angels that you are
The apple of His eye.
By Larry Howland