Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals are provided for those in the care of the church. Please call one of the pastors or the church office at 320-864-5522 or e-mail for more information.


Visits are made to homebound members and the hospitalized. Pastoral Counseling is provided for those in the care of the church. Please call the pastor or the church office at 320-864-5522.


Call the Church Office at 320-864-5522 or e-mail if you need the following support or to volunteer your help.
  • Friends of Healing Hearts: Visitors to those who have lost a loved one in death.
  • Prayer Chain: Members praying by request.

   We’re always looking for new individuals to join our team! WE have both a PHONE Chain and an E-MAIL Chain. You can join any time and conveniently help others from the comfort of your home – you need only a phone or a computer!
   Participation as a prayer chain member is simple, but so very powerful! The Bible says in Phil. 4:6 – “But in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your request be made known unto God.”
   Members are asked to . . . pray for our pastors, teachers, staff, and board members; those listed in the church bulletin with prayer requests; all congregational members that they would become alive in Christ, our President and all in authority; those serving in the military; and special received prayer requests.
   If anyone would like to join the Prayer Chain or make a special request, please contact the church office at 320-864-5522 or one of the Prayer Chain leaders at 320-864-3892 or 320-238-2148. All Prayer Chain members use Christian discretion and you can even make your prayer request anonymously.



We have a number of ways for people to get to know each other, support one another, and serve.
  • Book Club
  • Lutheran Women's Missionary League (LWML)
  • Mary Martha Altar Guild
  • Quilting Group
  • Junior and Senior Youth Groups
  • Friends of Healing Hearts
  • Prayer Chain
  • Fellowship Time Servers
  • Service Videotaping
  • Prepare Worship Screens
  • Decorate for Special Services



Use your gifts to help with our worship services.
  • Senior Choir
  • Church and School Children's Choirs
  • Adult and Children's Handbell Choirs
  • Solo Vocal and Instrumental Music