The First Ev. Lutheran Church (FLC) Endowment Foundation (Tax ID# 41-0724073) provides an opportunity for FLC members and friends to make special gifts to support the ministries of FLC during their lifetime and after; thus continuing to serve long after the gift is made. Established in November 2001, the Endowment Foundation encourages, receives and manages planned charitable gifts and bequests that are consistent with the mission of witnessing to the message of salvation through Christ Jesus.

Endowment gifts are invested, with only the investment earnings being expended for ministry programs that are beyond normal budgeted expenses. All gifts will be used in accordance with the wishes and directions of the donor. Designated categories are:

  • Missions – local, regional, world projects

  • Education – Elementary, High School, College and Seminary Scholarships

  • Life Ministries – Resources to youth and family members of all ages

  • Worship/Music – Support of the church's worship lilfe

  • Debt Reduction – Relief/elimination of General Fund Indebtedness

  • Capital Projects – Major renovations and new building construction

  • Unrestricted – Used as directed by Voters' Assembly

Gifts to the Endowment Foundation are often tax deductible and may provide favorable tax incentives. Be sure to contact your financial advisor or attorney to discuss your specific situation. You can contribute to the Endowment Foundation using such ways as:

  • Transfer property such as cash, stock, bonds, CD's, mutual funds, and real estate;

  • Give special gifts in memory of loved ones or in honor of special occasions;

  • Assign life insurance, annuity, or retirement benefits;

  • Designate a portion of your estate in your personal will;

  • Set up deferred gifts like securities, real estate or money that let you retain an income during your lifetime.

The Endowment Foundation is carefully managed by a 7-member Endowment Committee who is elected by the congregation.

For more information:

  • Endowment Foundation Brochure

  • Review the FLC Endowment Foundation Resolution, adopted November 29, 2001

  • Review the FLC Endowment Foundation Historical recap

  • Contact the FLC Business Manager at dramirez@firstglencoe.org